India The Story Behind It

The Story Behind It: Photo Series Pt 1


This is part of a series that I will post once a month that will tell the story behind the photo.

When I travel, I like to explore a city by meandering through the local areas. It is quite common that I get lost amongst the back streets, it is where you truly get to experience the local way of life. Travelling to Kolkata was no different. Walking through the suburb of Kurmatoli, a traditional potters’ ¬†quarter in Northern Kolkata, the people thrive on commissions to make statues of the gods to be used in festivals throughout India.

Strolling towards the Hooghly River to take the ferry to the train station on the other side of the river, I had to cross the train tracks before approaching the river. These three men were preparing the clay that had just been taken off of a boat on the river. It was then compressed by stomping on it and covered before being transported 500 metres to the workers who make the statues.

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